Swiss Product Range

In partnership with the leading pension foundation we provide:

Mandatory corporate BVG/LLP pensions plans (DB)                     Employee company pensions (2nd Pillar)
Executive supplementary pension schemes (DC)                           Tax deductible voluntary pensions (3rd (Pillar)
Transfers from UK pension schemes for Swiss Nationals (QROPS)
Our 3rd Pillar (Dritte Säule)

  • Voluntary contributions
  • Lowest Cantonal tax at withdrawal
  • Multiple accounts for tax planning
    and asset safety
  • Influence over personal asset
  • Qualified and knowledgeable advisors
  • Unprecedented range of investment
  • Partnership with largest Swiss bank,
    pension and insurance companies
  • Institutional fee rates and fully
    transparent low charges
  • Tax deductible against income (max
    2013: for self-employed CHF 33,696,
    for employed CHF 6,739)
  • 100% available as collateral or
    deposit for home purchase
  • Separation of management,
    administration and custody for asset
Corporate Solutions

Our mandatory corporate BVG/LLP plans
provides solutions tailored to the needs of
your company.

For corporate entities, self employed and
professionals we also provide bespoke tax
deductible supplemental pension
schemes for staff earnings between CHF
126,360 and CHF 842,400
Our Partner Financial Houses:

Privatebank Reichmuth         Credit Suisse       Aquila                   UBS              
Lombard Odier                          SwissLife               Lienhardt            Zurich
Foundation Baloise                  SwissQuote          Sarasin                 ZKB
Winterthur AWi                         Swisscanto           Pictet           
Pension Foundation Regulatory Authority:

Zentralschweizer BVG- und Stiftungsaufsicht (ZBSA)

Plan Accredited Pension Actuary:                      Plan Auditor:

Contact us when:
    - Leaving your present job
    - Changing country of residence
    - Before retiring
    - Before year ends
    - Have pension with former employer
    - Divorcing
    - Running a business

  • Founded 2005
  • On Register of Occupational Benefits
  • Regulated by Zentralschweizer BVG-
    und Stiftungsaufsicht (ZBSA)
  • Professionally qualified board
  • Accredited auditor and actuary
  • Lowest cantonal tax withdrawals
  • Maximum accounts for tax planning
    and asset safety
  • Exposure to all Swiss compliant
  • Partnership with largest Swiss banks,
    insurance and pension houses
  • Choice of custodian banks
  • Multilingual admin team.
Investment Manager

  • 25 years investment experience
  • Economics degree from University
    College London
  • Chartered Financial Analyst
  • Regulated in Switzerland, the USA &
    British Columbia (Canada)
  • Experience in managing portfolios
    over £750m in size
  • Out-performance in managing
    pharmaceutical, media, chemical,
    electricity and non-life insurance
    stocks (2002-2007)
  • Out performed Swiss and most major
    stock markets (4% pa with low
    volatility, 2007- 2013)
  • Family office advisory to portfolios
    over $1bn
Your Benefits

  • Qualified and knowledgeable
  • Access and influence over to
    manager of pension
  • Transparent competitive charges
    and free to transfer away
  • Maximum tax reduction
  • Maximum asset safety
  • Reduced exposure to underfunded
  • Managed in line with personal
  • Separate management,
    administration and custody of assets
  • Easy withdrawal facility
  • 100% available as deposit or
    collateral on home purchase
2nd Pillar - retiring or
changing jobs

How we help:

  • Receipt of 2nd pillar pension from
    previous employer
  • Allocating pension for best tax &
    financial planning
  • Annuities in line with Swiss
    regulations (6.6% 2013)
  • Asset management service for funds
    not converted to annuity or
    transferred to new employer.
International contact details:
Skype: steven.j.cohen
Steven J Cohen CFA
Rolandstrasse 16
8004 Zurich

+41 (0)7675 367 38

Financial Intermediary
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Investment Adviser Firm
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SEC Individual CRD # 6546951
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