Please don’t lose important Swiss benefits when changing jobs / residency or retiring.

We are receiving an increasing number of requests for our service from tax advisers, for their clients who have already changed jobs, pension institution or retired.
We cannot provide tiered accounts, ONCE YOU HAVE retired, emigrated or allocated to a bank or insurance company that does not already provide our dedicated service.This service permits lump sum withdrawal, of a large part of a company pension (Swiss 2nd pillar), to a time of your lowest tax rate in the countries where you pay tax.
If you have already passed this opportunity we will do our best to provide a comparable result, but your choice to do what you want with your money will be limited.
Further you may have also missed the opportunity to utilise our service of: withdraw at the lowest Swiss withholding tax rate.
From the desk of,
Steven J Cohen.
Trust    Control    Performance 

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