Regional asset classes and influencing
political and economic factors.
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Key Benefits
  • Allows participation in construction of portfolios.
  • Permits understanding of the fundamental rational behind global asset allocation.
  • Identifies potentially richer and poorer sources of reward, for further analysis and selection of securities.
  • Identifies possible position covering requirements.
  • Shows areas were insufficient information is available to allow complete analysis, volatility risk and, areas to avoid.
Asset Class                        March 30th, 2016
  • USA
  • Equities -               Chinese growth concerns and Fed Fund speculation provide short term buying opportunities.  
  • Govt Bonds -         Mild fall in bond prices, but supported by yields.      

  • UK
  • Equities -               Pressure from referendum on EU membership.  
  • Govt Bonds -        Low yields offer no incentive to hold.
  • Currency -             Only gradual increase in interest rates to a low level permits currency downside.

  • Eurozone
  • Equities -               Struggling from strength of Euro.
  • Govt Bonds -         QE and deflation maintain support.
  • Currency -              Move to monetary easing aid currency's to fall to fair value, in longer term

  • Japan
  • Equities -               Struggling from strength of Yen.
  • Govt Bonds -         Declared inflation target scares marginal government bond traders, negative interest rates support.
  • Currency -              Loose money, low growth and debt downgrades maintain pressure, in the longer term.

  • Rest of the World
  • Equities -                Potential to recover on internal rate cuts.
  • Commodities -      Difficult to make significant headway if US dollar appreciation, awaiting reduction in oil production

  •        Chinese military developments.
  •        Russia/Ukraine.
  •        Regulation of financial institutions and products.
  •        Religious extremism.
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