Potential Benefits

  • Principal protection
  • Tax efficiency
  • Enhanced returns
  • Reduced volatility
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Participation
Potential Disadvantages

  • Credit risk
  • Lack of liquidity
  • No daily pricing
  • Complexity
  • Capital losses
  • Currency fluctuations
Is a 16% annual yield right for you - A guide to structured products High yield interest
  • A structured product is a hybrid security made up of several products
Our Service

  • Evaluating benefits and disadvantages for each structured product
  • Providing simple explanations to clients
  • Identifying suitability for inclusion in client portfolios
  • Constant monitoring client positions, notification of adverse movement and mitigation strategies
  • At present for Swiss Nationals resident in Switzerland this service is only available within full discretionary management

  • Upside: 16% annual yield if worst performance of three gold mining shares is
    between 65% and 95% of start value. Downside: capital loss of worst share
    performance below 50% of start value.
  • Upside: 12% annual yield if worst performance of six bank shares is between
    60% and 100% of start value. Downside: capital loss of worst share
    performance below 60% of start value.
  • Upside: 13% annual yield if worst performance of three national stock
    markets is between 50% and 100% of start value. Downside: capital loss of
    worse stock market performance below 50% of start value.
  • Upside: 100% capital protection with maximum 4% annual yield if flat or
    higher Swiss stock market. Downside: no further participation in price rise of
    stock market.
Our Experience

  • OTC exotic products; weekly client UK publication on market direction & volatility.
  • Development: Of in-house software used to price Listed and OTC equity derivatives on UK underlying, liaising with market
    makers, brokers and in house programmers; ensuring correct selection of bases, yields and tax rates.
  • Market Making: Making a bid offer spread during market hours on French Franc denominated warrants having a Japanese
    Yen denominated underlying stock.
  • Proprietary Trading: Profitable hedge management of convertible bonds, warrants, equities, futures, and currencies;
    utilising in-house models, Bloomberg, Reuters Graphics and associated statistical techniques. As part of a global team
    (London, HK, Tokyo & NY).
  • Modelling: Black Scholes and binomial modelling to calculate fair values and hedge parameters (Greeks & FX) for American
  • Business advisor: Established stock lending department, after identifying the feasibility, and consulting with
    management (post a stock borrowing assignment).
  • Finance & Systems: Established treasury management as a profit centre, implementing Excel spreadsheets & macros
    controlling multi-currency US$200m funding.
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