US Pensions Explained:

  • 401k (company pension scheme)
  • IRA (individual retirement account)
  • IRA ROTH (delayed tax benefit)

US Citizens are taxed on their worldwide income, even when
living abroad.

Foreign tax advantages for contributing to local retirement
plans usually do not benefit US Citizens, especially if the tax rate
of their residing country is lower than their US tax rate.

401k plans held in the US are controlled by former employers.

By opening up an individual retirement arrangement (IRA)
  • you can continue to reduce your annual US tax charge
  • your funds are managed in accordance with your personal

401k's held by former employers can be “rolled” into an IRA.

IRA ROTH (delayed tax benefit) accounts are usually preferable
for US ex-pats due to:
  • No current US State Tax charge
  • the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion
  • the Foreign Housing Exclusion
  • Assets grow free from capital gains tax even when passed
    on to children
  • No minimum distribution requirement at retirement
  • Please note: contributions are subject to maximum annual
    income restriction

Simplified employee pensions (SEP) are available for business
owners and their employees.
Our Solutions:

  • Personal account manager
  • Personal pension fund manager
  • Portfolio tailored to your requirements and expectations
  • Largest and safe US custodian
  • Lowest global brokerage fees
  • Highest ranked US broker
  • Full IRS reporting
  • Real-time online account view
  • Separation of fund manager from custodian to reduce
    fraud and custodian collapse
  • Full US SEC depositor protection

To prevent capital gains tax on the sale of company stock
awarded by way of compensation we manage strategies for:

  •        Hedging exposure to one stock
  •        Cash Extraction
  •        Income Generation
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